Progression Policy

In order to progress in the nursing program, the student must:

  1.  Achieve a grade of C or better in all required general education and nursing courses.

  2.  Meet the requirements of each clinical agency in order to participate in clinical experience.

  3.  Maintain ability to meet essential functions as outlined in the program requirements or nursing with or without reasonable accommodations including attendance.

  4.  Maintain yearly renewal of CPR at the health care provider level. 

  5.  Maintain current immunizations as specified by the college and/or health care facilities.

  6.  Maintain legal requirements for licensure as specified by the Texas Board of Nursing. 

  7.  Maintain payment of student expenses during the program including but not limited to

    •  Tuition

    •  Books and skills lab packs

    •  Uniforms and supplies

    •  Student liability insurance

    •  HESI tests 

    •  Graduation & Board fees

    •  Jurisprudence exam