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Admission Information

The Texas Board of Nursing has given initial approval for an Associated Degree Nursing Program at Mountain View College. We admitted our inaugural class in the fall of 2011.

Students interested in applying for the Mountain View College Associate Degree Nursing Program will need to schedule an appointment with an advisor to review eligibility requirements. This review is needed to establish whether more courses must be taken prior to applying to the Nursing Program or to check TSI/STET, GPA, and Reading, Writing, and Math ACCUPLACER TM status. Admission testing is conducted in the Mountain View College Instructional Support Lab Center located in room W139. Please contact the MVC Nursing Coordinator/Advisor for more information. 

Please contact the Mountain View College Nursing Admissions Coordinator/Advisor for more information.

For your nursing application, we will accept a stamped “copy” of official transcripts that you have on file at Mountain View College. Please go to the Admissions Office and request the copy.

Positive behaviors or attitudes for the MVC Nursing Student include:
  1. Displaying a commitment to the value of caring by delivering patient and family-centered care.
  2. Using the nursing process as a basis for critical thinking by integrating natural science and social science principles and concepts.
  3. Collaborating with diverse patients, families, and other health team members in providing quality, safe patient care that will achieve an optimal level of health and wellness, or when this is not possible, support the experience of loss and death.
  4. Practicing as a coordinator of care in a variety of settings using current technology and informatics.
  5. Communicating effectively with diverse patients, families, and other health team members in the performance of professional roles.
  6. Practicing within the ethical and legal framework of nursing and be accountable for ensuring high standards of nursing practice.
  7. Utilizing leadership and management principles in providing nursing care.
  8. Functioning in a resource-driven health-care system that demands flexibility and adaptability to meet the unknown and unforeseen.
  9. Contributing to the profession of nursing.
  10. Maintaining accountability and responsibility for one’s own professional nursing values, behaviors, growth, and continued nursing education.
  11. Demonstrating behaviors that promote the image and integrity of the nursing profession.