DFW International Airport

DFW International Airport


Mountain View College


Airport safety certification training for airport maintenance, operations and aircraft service staff; vendor relations and emotional intelligence training for other employee groups.


With the creation of the Airport Safety Training Program in 2010 by Mountain View Workforce Training account manager Michael Johnson, DFW became one of the first airports to receive local instruction in newly required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) training for employees servicing aircraft; Oklahoma had previously been the nearest training location. The college also has trained employees at Dallas Love Field, Lancaster Regional Airport, Collin County Regional Airport, and Fort Worth’s Meacham and Spinks airports.

Goal and Target Population

Airport safety operations address all aspects of airport safety for maintenance staff, airport managers, inspectors and service technicians. Subsequent training for DFW included vendor relations for the Asset Management Department and emotional intelligence training — learning to identify and manage behaviors for better customer relations — for the Parking Division Unit.


Mountain View’s contractual relationship with the DFW Airport Board began in 2010 with an agreement of $50,000 for airport safety training, was upgraded to $100,000 through 2013, and was extended in 2014.


Mountain View’s Airport Safety Operations Program covers certification requirements as per FAA regulations for airports serving scheduled air carrier operations for aircraft with 10-30 seats and addresses general airport and runway safety, as well as safety management systems. Besides service technicians, managers and inspectors, general maintenance staff including painters and electricians are trained.

Challenges and Solutions

Mountain View’s Workforce Training Division initiated the training relationship with the development of its Airport Safety Operations Program. To minimize time and cost in developing customized training materials, the college created its own curriculum and course packaging. A key component was recruiting the right professionals to teach courses.

Students take part in an awards program at DFW Airport

Strategies for Success

Airport safety training is required by the FAA and the nearest official training facility is in Oklahoma. By contracting with an FAA inspector to teach the program, the college now serves as an official airport safety training provider and became the first community college to provide professional development training to DFW Airport employees.


Seven classes in airport safety have been offered over three years to DFW and six surrounding airports to 107 airplane service technicians and other maintenance staff. Seventy employees also have completed training in vendor relations and 35 managers and supervisors completed emotional intelligence training.

Lessons Learned

Innovation and customization are key in delivering excellent results to training partners.

What Our Partners Say

Gregory Spoon
Vice President
Procurement and Materials Management
DFW International Airport
“ Mountain View’s Economic Workforce team maintains a strong relationship with DFW International Airport. They developed and implemented an Airport Safety Training program for us in 2010 which led to professional development training for our leadership team. DFW Airport appreciates the support and professional training received over the past several years and credits a great deal of the success on Lorraine Hood Jack’s engagement and involvement. As our (Mountain View Workforce Training) account manager, she meets the needs of DFW Airport by providing excellent custom training programs. ”

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