Automotive Programs

Dealership-Sponsored Auto Technician Training

Partners and Colleges

Ford Motor Company, Brookhaven College
General Motors Corporation, Brookhaven College

Where the Jobs Are

America’s Career Infonet lists salaries and job growth in Texas:
Job titleMedian hourly salary*Median annual salary*Projected job growth through 2022
Automotive service technicians$16.94$35,200+18%
* Hourly and median salaries do not reflect the premiums paid for technicians with manufacturer-specific training and certifications. Our graduates tend to earn higher salaries than average even as entry-level technicians.


Automobile dealer-sponsored programs to recruit, train and hire industry-specific service technicians through Brookhaven and Eastfield colleges’ Automotive Technology programs, which are nationally recognized and certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation

Goal and Target Population

These associate degree programs have the goal of producing entry-level service technicians for specific sponsoring automotive dealerships in less than two years.

Challenges and Solutions

Technician jobs fluctuate with the economy and are dependent on vehicle sales and service, so training must stay absolutely current with technology. Balancing an effective business model to train and employ students requires building and maintaining relationships with both corporate sponsors and local dealership service managers.

Strategies for Success

College administrators and automotive company representatives worked together to develop the curriculum for each program, with companies providing new-model vehicles and tools. Ever-changing technology requires continually revised curriculum, tools and applications, along with professional development for college instructors. Training service technicians for specific dealerships addresses the local economy’s current shortage of skilled workers.