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Synergy Session 4: Sustaining Policy

Politics Surrounding Climate and its Dynamics

David Griggs

This session will explore the environmental bills proposed in the Texas Legislature this past legislative session and discuss their significance. Public input is always needed even on years the Legislature isn't in session to help educate our legislators on conservation initiatives. Come hear how you can participate in the legislative process and make a difference. View PowerPoint of presentation.

David GriggsDavid Griggs is a former civil prosecutor with the Federal Trade Commission who practices law in the Dallas area. For the past 20 years, he has also served as an adjunct instructor of government and criminal justice at Brookhaven College. He is a concerned environmentalist and has been active with the Sierra Club’s Texas Lone Star Chapter and the Dallas Group. He serves on the state chapter's executive committee and also serves as the chair of the Sierra Club Political Committee of Texas. He is active nationally with the Sierra Club's Council of Club Leaders and has held positions on several national task forces on environmental initiatives. He has a B.S. and J.D. from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University.

Water Needs for DFW

Rita Beving

An overview of state and regional water planning, where Dallas is in relation to the state for water needs and an outlook on water rates and water conservation tips. Discuss water legislation passed last session: the use of gray water, the new tax free water-efficient appliance holiday and more. View PowerPoint of presentation.

Rita BevingRita Beving is the North Texas outreach coordinator for Clean Water Fund. Rita has worked with Clean Water Fund for two years with an emphasis on education and conservation advocacy. She has been a volunteer and staff organizer for environmental groups for more than 20 years including Public Citizen and Sierra Club. She has also been a lobbyist for environmental issues in regards to promoting environmental stewardship at the Texas Legislature. 

Finding Common Cause in Carbon Pricing

Brett Cease

What makes the recent Paris COP 21 Agreement, Canada and Exxon Mobil hold something in common? All have indicated support for carbon pricing to help transition away from fossil fuels. This session will explore the economic explanation behind why carbon pricing is an efficient and equitable policy for governments (especially compared with cap and trade) and highlight how such a movement has the potential to unify different political ideologies to finally take action on climate. View PowerPoint of presentation.

Brett CeaseBrett Cease is an enthusiastic, achievement-oriented public policy doctoral student seeking opportunities to engage the public in environmental decision-making. He is experienced with K-12, civic and campus leadership in outdoor education and the sustainability field. He is passionate about catalyzing existing stakeholders to find common economic solutions.