Zero Waste Track

A zero waste system is one in which all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use. Nature is a zero waste system, but is it really possible for businesses or municipalities to achieve zero waste? Have any achieved that goal? Will achieving zero waste cost more or boost profits? In this session, attendees can learn how to change practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles.

Session 1: What is Zero Waste?
Chris Meeks, TMAC

Session 2: The Future of Dallas Waste
Sheila Overton, City of Dallas Street and Sanitation

Lunch Session: What? Zero Waste in Construction?
Karen Benson

Construction generates a huge amount of waste by the nature of the process of manufacturing building products, then turning products into buildings. What steps are being taken in the design and construction of school buildings to reduce and eliminate waste? Is it possible to get to zero waste? What's being done in North Texas to get to zero waste, and what are the challenges? Are there opportunities for new businesses and jobs? This overview of the industry will include a discussion of the political economy of waste in the Metroplex, what green building rating systems like LEED and CHPS do to change the market and the processes used in construction, and how your school can make a shift to zero waste in construction and operations of buildings.

Session 3: From 100 to 0, Planning for Great Zero Waste Events
Kim Soto, Zero Waste coordinator, city of Plano

Now that you have decided to host a zero waste event, what’s next? In this session, we will walk through the thinking process behind planning for a successful zero waste event. Each event presents challenges that can be overcome with good planning. You’ve already made it over the largest obstacle, you know you will have waste and need to figure out what to do with it! Having all your stakeholders onboard is key to your success. Thinking through potential snafus, communicating them to your team and inviting everyone to participate in your initiative creates accountability, excitement and brings you the result you want.

Session 4: Zero Waste in Action: Case Studies
Dana McLaughlin, SBDC for Enterprise Excellence