Sustainable Homes Track

Morning Keynote:  Common-Sense Sustainability: Smart Ways to Make a Difference
Anna Clark, author of "Green, American Style" and president of EarthPeople, a global consulting and communications firm

Are you interested in maximizing your potential to make a difference? In this presentation, Anna Clark explains how consumers can vote with their dollars and entrepreneurs can seize opportunities. By sharing her own journey from that of consumer to sustainer, she sheds light on opportunities to change the world at home, at work, at school and in your community. Some questions she answers are:

  • What is sustainable living and why should I care?
  • What are the economic benefits to sustainability?
  • What are the barriers that Americans are uniquely confronted with on this journey?
  • How can simple green living help my family save over $5,000 per year?
  • How can I gain the influence I need to make a difference?
  • What are the best opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the eco-economy?

Session 1:  How to Save Money and Energy in Your Home
Dr. Kathleen Gardner, chair of DCCCDGreen team

This session addresses strategies that home owners can follow to live more energy efficiently and sustainably, which translates into money savings. Topics include the house envelope, plumbing, living space, heating, air conditioning, lighting, indoor air, appliances, your yard, your vehicle and environmentally friendly products.

Session 2:  The Smart Meter on Your House: What Can it Do To and For You?
Chuck Dale, professor of Renewable/Solar Energy, Eastfield College

Why did the power company put a smart meter on your house without asking permission? Have you signed an agreement not to use power during Peak hours, in return for lower electric rates? What does this really mean to you, the planet and your use of electricity? Is the smart meter one big step toward Big Brother watching you? How can you use the smart meter to your own benefit? What will the next smart meter be capable of?

Session 3:  Introduction to LEED and Green Construction
Jan Lewinski, RID, LEED AP ID+C

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program is a national set of guidelines for creating and maintaining “green” buildings. This session will provide you with an introduction to the sustainable concepts and structure of LEED and will show you how some local buildings and builders are incorporating these concepts to provide greener homes and greener workspaces.

Session 4:  Remodeling for Comfort, Health and Energy Efficiency
Robert Ruth, architect, LEED

This presentation covers the presenter’s experiences gained while remodeling his own home to be energy efficient, comfortable and more livable. Included are best practice design ideas to provide sustainable living environments that are comfortable, healthy and eco-friendly.

Evening Keynote:  Building a Sustainable Workplace
Mabrie Jackson, CEO and president of North Texas Commission

Being green is anything but a line item in a corporate budget.

Session 5: Saving Energy at Home
Jeff Hatch, owner of Imperial Electric Inc. and Imperial Clean Energy Solutions

Want to lower your electric bills and be kinder to the environment? Then plan to attend this session which will cover all types of ways to reduce energy waste in your home. The session will cover everything from no-cost ideas you can implement immediately to larger investments in renewable energy and everything in between.