Careers Track

Morning Keynote:  Common-Sense Sustainability: Smart Ways to Make a Difference
Anna Clark, author of "Green, American Style" and president of EarthPeople, a global consulting and communications firm

Are you interested in maximizing your potential to make a difference? In this presentation, Anna Clark explains how consumers can vote with their dollars and entrepreneurs can seize opportunities. By sharing her own journey from that of consumer to sustainer, she sheds light on opportunities to change the world at home, at work, at school and in your community. Some questions she answers are:

  • What is sustainable living, and why should I care?
  • What are the economic benefits to sustainability?
  • What are the barriers that Americans are uniquely confronted with on this journey?
  • How can simple green living help my family save over $5,000 per year?
  • How can I gain the influence I need to make a difference?
  • What are the best opportunities for entrepreneurs to enter the eco-economy?

Session 1:  Solar/Renewable Energy
Chuck Dale, professor, Eastfield College

Session 2:  Green Construction
Mike Cooley, executive dean, North Lake College

According to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Green Jobs Study, green construction provides around two million jobs in the U.S. The  number of “green-collar” construction jobs is estimated to rise to eight million by 2013. In this session, you’ll learn what skills are needed for those new “green-collar” and green construction management jobs, and where you can get them.

Session 3:  Home Energy Rater
Shahed Mustafa, professor, Cedar Valley College

Learn about Cedar Valley College’s Residential Building Performance Technology program and what kinds of career opportunities are available to its graduates. The session also covers home energy rating, alternate energy, energy efficient heating and air conditioning and indoor air quality in homes.

Session 4:  Green Certifications Through Green Path Texas
Mark Floyd, chapter director, Green Business League

Evening Keynote:  Building a Sustainable Workplace
Mabrie Jackson, CEO and president of North Texas Commission

Being green is anything but a line item in a corporate budget.

Session 5: Panel discussion of all Sustainable Careers track speakers
Moderated by Jan Lewinski

Didn’t get to see the Green Careers presentations earlier in the day? Then come to this session. Presenters will give a quick overview of their career programs, which will be followed by a question and answer period.