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Important Terms and Information

​College Hours / Semester Hours

Credit courses use hours to measure academic progress. Each credit course is worth credit or semester hours. The number of credit hours assigned to a course is usually determined by the type of course and the number of hours it meets per week. For example: a three (3) credit-hour class meets three (3) hours per week during the Fall/Spring semesters; a four (4) credit-hour class meets six (6) hours per week (this includes lecture and lab time).

Students enrolled in twelve (12) or more credit hours during the Fall/Spring semesters are considered full-time students. Students enrolled in six (6) to eleven (11) hours are part-time students, and those enrolled in less than six (6) credit hours are considered less than part-time students. Summer session students are considered full-time students when enrolled in six (6) credit hours; part-time when enrolled between three (3) and five (5) hours, and are considered less that part-time when enrolled in less than three (3) hours.


Prerequisites are requirements that must be met prior to enrolling in a specific course. For example, the prerequisite for English 1302 is the successful completion of English 1301. A prerequisite may be another course (high school of college), an appropriate

assessment score, or permission of the instructor. This information is found with course descriptions in the college catalog.

Attendance Policy

If you are unable to attend class, you should inform your instructor(s) prior to being absent. You are responsible for keeping up with the work missed during your absences. There is no college-wide attendance policy; each course will have a policy determined by the instructor.