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Grading System

Grade Interpretation Grade Point
Excellent performance
4 grade points
Good performance
3 grade points
Average performance
2 grade points
Poor performance
1 grade point
Failing performance
0 grade points
Not Computed
Not Computed
Not Computed
Not reported by instructor
Not Computed
Not Computed

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade points are determined by multiplying the number of points earned for each course by the number of credit hours the course carries. A student who takes a 3-hour course and earns an "A" accumulates 12 grade points for that course. A student's Grade Point Average is determined by adding up the total grade points received and dividing by the total number of hours attempted. For example, if a student earns 48 grade points while enrolled in 15 credit hours, the student has a Grade Point Average of 3.2 for the semester.

Your transcript and grade report will indicate two different GPAs

GPA (1) Grade point average (1) is inclusive of all courses taken that receive a performance grade of "A" – "F". This includes all ESOL, developmental classes, and classes with course numbers beginning in 0.

GPA (2) Grade point average (2) is inclusive of all college level courses taken.

E Grade – Developmental classes only

This grade is given when an instructor wishes to reflect a student's progress in a developmental studies course. This grade may only be given for developmental studies courses. An E-grade is non-punitive and not computed. The E-grade indicates that a student participated in a class according to TSI guidelines, but was unable to perform C-level or passing work, which would qualify the student to enroll in college-level courses.

Incomplete (I)

This grade is given when you cannot complete the course requirements due to some unforeseen problem. It is your responsibility to request this arrangement from the instructor. The Incomplete Contract will state the conditions of the contract and the deadline for completion. The incomplete grade will be converted to an agreed upon performance grade if the contract is not completed by the set deadline.

Withdrawal (W)

It is your responsibility to officially drop from a class or withdraw from the college. If you stop attending class and do not drop a class or withdraw from college before the final deadline, you will receive an "F." If you withdraw before the official census date, you will not receive a grade and this course will not appear on your transcript. If you withdraw after the official census date, but before the final drop date, a "W" (withdrawal) will appear on your transcript.

(See important date page in current schedule for withdrawal dates.) The withdrawal/drop process is not official until the proper drop procedure has been followed and completed with an advisor or if eligible on eConnect. If you go through an advisor to withdraw, pick up an Advising Report in Admissions and Student Records Office.