Basic Principles for Success at Mountain View College

We the students, faculty and staff at Mountain View College, in order to contribute to a safe, productive, supportive and professional environment for teaching and learning, set forth the following principles for our college and classrooms. As members of the Mountain View College community we must promote and uphold these principles:

  • We must show respect to all people in the college and classroom.

  • We must communicate in a respectful manner and tone of voice when expressing ideas and opinions.

  • We must listen with open minds and respect others' rights to their opinions and values.

  • We must respect the instructor's responsibility to lead and direct the course of activities in the classroom.

  • We must aspire to reach our highest standards and expectations and encourage and support one another in this endeavor.

We the students, faculty and staff of Mountain View College, an institution of higher learning, must conduct ourselves in a manner that exemplifies the highest personal and professional standards. We must remember that all privileges at Mountain View College come with responsibilities.


Rights and Rules

Mountain View College is a pleasant place, and you'll never have much reason to look at rights and rule; however, if you do, you'll find that Mountain View College's rights and rules resemble those you find off campus. You have rights of privacy and to a fair hearing if there is a problem or dispute, just like you have in general society. In the same way, there are rules of behavior and conduct resembling those you encounter off campus.


Basic Good Behavior

Think of it this way – If you wouldn't do it at home, you shouldn't do it at Mountain View. The Student Conduct Code list behaviors not allowed at Mountain View College. Please refer to the excerpts from the Code of Conduct section at the end of the publication. The complete Student Code of Conduct can be viewed at: under the Policies and Procedures section.


Sexual Harassment

The student grievance procedure is not applicable to complaints of sexual harassment. All students shall report complaints of sexual harassment informally to location human resources personnel or location representatives selected by the highest level administrator at the location, or formally to the Vice-Chancellor of Educational Affairs as provided in the sexual harassment procedure.


Mountain View College

Designated Authority (DA)

Regina Garner M.Ed., LPC

Associate Dean, Student Success

Coordinator, Section 504, Title II and Title IX