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Staff Compensation Information

In compliance with Texas Government Code §659.026, Dallas County Community College District is providing the following information. 

  • Number of full-time equivalent employees (FTE) employed. 
    • FY 2016: 5,296 
  • Amount of legislative appropriations to the agency for each fiscal year of the current state fiscal biennium. 
    • FY 2016: $86.7 million 
    • FY 2017: $86.7 million 
  • Methodology, including any employment market analysis, for determining the compensation of executive staff employed by the agency, along with the name and position of the person who selected the methodology. 
    • Use of 3rd party vendor as well as other online search engines are used to price salaries for executive staff. 
  • Whether executive staffs are eligible for a salary supplement. 
    • No. Executive staff pay is not supplemented by gift, grant, donation, or other consideration as described by Texas Government Code §659.0201. 
  • Market average for compensation of similar executive staff in the private and public sectors, based on PayScale. 
    • Chancellor, $127,000.00
    • Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff, $109,932.00
    • College President, $219,766.00
    • Provost, $167,688.00
    • Chief of Advancement Initiatives, $145,382.00
    • General Counsel, $196,948.00
    • Chief of Strategic Initiatives, $168,951.00
    • Chief Talent Officer, $172,567.00
    • Chief Innovations Officer, $119,389.00
    • Vice Chancellor, Workforce & Economic Development, $127,216.00
    • Vice Chancellor, Educational Policy, $127,216.00
    • Chief Financial Officer, $186,186.00
  • Average compensation paid to employees employed by Dallas County Community College District who are not executive staff. 
    • $54,948 (full-time employees) 
  • Percentage increase in compensation of executive staff for each fiscal year of the five preceding fiscal years and the percentage increase in legislative appropriations to the agency each fiscal year of the five preceding fiscal years. 
​FY 2016
​FY 2015
​FY 2014
​FY 2013
​FY 2012
Executive Compensation Increases​
Legi​slative Appropriations Increases