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TSI Assessment Scoring Grid

A photo I.D. is required for ALL testing. 

All cellphones MUST be turned COMPLETELY Off.

​Components and Cut Scores for the TSI Assessment

TSI Assessment for course placement – Untimed

The entire TSI Assessment consists of 4 sections with an average test time of 4-6 hours. The computer adaptive questions are administered in the order below. Your scores on the initial questions determine if you will receive further testing on the diagnostic component or the Adult Basic Education component. (EACH STUDENT MUST completes the Pre-Assessment Activity at least one time).

Reading: 24 initial questions, no time limit. (Possible 42 diagnostic questions OR 30 Adult Basic Education  questions). 
              Reading score of 351 – 390 no additional testing required = College Level Ready
              Reading score of 342 – 350 will take the diagnostic component
              Reading score 310 – 341 will take the Adult Basic Education component

Writing: 20 initial questions, no time limit. (Possible 42 questions or 30 Adult Basic Education questions and/or type an essay of 300 – 600 words).
              Writing score of:
              340 – 390 on TSI Writing Placement and minimum 4 on WritePlacer essay OR
              310 – 339 on TSI Writing Placement and levels 4-6 on ABE Diagnostic and minimum 5 on WritePlacer Essay.

Math:  Approximately 20 questions – not time limit. (Possible 40 diagnostic questions or 30 Adult Basic 
            Education questions).
            Math score of 350 – 390 no additional testing at this time = College Level Ready
            Math score of 336 – 349 will receive the diagnostic component
            Math score of 310 – 335 will receive the Adult Basic Education component

Computer Skills Placement (CSP): 70 questions, 70 minute time limit.

To access the Pre-Assessment log into

Room: S- 2101
Contact #: 214-860-8571