Testing Tips & Resources

Testing Tips

A photo I.D. is required for ALL testing. 
All cellphones MUST be turned COMPLETELY Off.

  1. Prior to taking the tests, students should  practice frequently by using the New TSI test prep that has been developed online. These practice tests can be found on the College board Web site and is similar in format to that of the previous Accuplacer tests.
  2. All tests are now un-timed. Therefore, allow plenty of time to complete the exam. Don’t rush! When  deciding which answer to choose, use the process of elimination to narrow their options.
  3. Prior to taking the test, it would be helpful for students to work with tutors, if available, and/or attend a boot-camp workshops.
  4. Get a good night rest and eat a good breakfast.
  5. In addition to the exams in Reading, Writing and Math, there is an essay. There is a 300 – 600 word limit.The essays are scored electronically by the Intelligent Essay Assessor, powered by the Knowledge Analysis Technologies engine.
  6. To ensure a better score, students should be prepared to aim for writing a 600 word essay, using different types of persuasion, transitions between paragraphs, know how to take a stand on a position, use a wide array of vocabulary, and use plenty of synonyms.
  7. Students should NOT allow these tests intimidate them, however it is important to know that the exam will become a part of their record and their scores will ultimately determine course placement.
  8. If this is your first-time testing, students should prepare to set for the complete exam for 3 to 6 hours. This time-frame will be based on individual performance.
  9. Make sure to read each question completely prior to selecting an answer.
  10. Do your best and good luck!


Pre Assessment Activity:

Go to E-connect; Go to Current Credit Student Menu, Look under Prepare to register at the bottom; Click on the Pre-Assessment Activity; Select College of Choice; Click play video

After student completes the Video, student should immediately clicks continue to assess directly underneath the video and complete the assessment. When students click on the link, it will take them to a login screen; students will login and certify they have completed the video. Then they will take the assessment exam. After students complete the assessment portion of the exam a code of PAA is uploaded to their records a printout will not be available at this time.

To Contact College Board Services

If you have questions about College Board services an Online Inquiry Form can be used @ http://www.collegeboard.org/contact-us/send-message/


You may also call: 866-630-9305
International callers may dial: 212-520-8570


Phone: 866-607-5223 
E-mail: accuplacer@collegeboard.org