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Admissions/Registrar's Offices


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Mountain View College

Admissions Office

The Mountain View College Admissions/Registrars Office, supervised by the Associate Dean of Learning Support Services, provides a number of direct services to students, faculty, and staff including: maintaining the official academic records of students and faculty class rosters, unofficial evaluation of transcripts, processing of admissions applications, official degree plans, transcript requests, verification of residency for tuition purposes, and verification of credit and non-credit enrollment. In addition, the Admissions/Registrars Office works in concert with Academic Advising and Financial Aid and with the instructional division offices in providing support to meet the needs of prospective and current students.

Mission Statement

The Admissions/Registrars Office provides accurate, expedient, courteous, and professional service to all students, faculty, staff and our community.


Florencio Alonso 
Job Title: ESOL/ESL/International Admissions Advisor
Department Name: Admissions; English as a Second Language
Phone: 214-860-8514
Email: alonsoflor@dcccd.edu

Didi Alvarez 
Job Title: Enrollment Services Generalist
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8866
Email: d.alvarez@dcccd.edu

Diana Arredondo 
Job Title: Continuing Education
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8851

Dyearthal Burch
Job Title: Associate Registrar II
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8850
Email: dburch@dcccd.edu

Gabi Duran
Job Title: Continuing Education Admissions Specialist
Department Name: Continuing Education
Phone: 214-860-8835
Email: gduran@dcccd.edu

Valerie A. Garcia  
Job Title: Senior Degree Audit Specialist
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8547
Email: vgarcia@dcccd.edu

Glenda M. Garrett
Job Title: Associate Dean of Learning Support Services
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8591
Email: ghall@dcccd.edu

Elizabeth Bernal
Job Title: Enrollment Services Generalist
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8559
E-mail: ehernandez@dcccd.edu

Takyra Morgan
Job Title: Enrollment Services Generalist
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8602
Email: tmorgan@dcccd.edu

Rudy Perez 
Job Title: Administrative Assistant
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8603
Email: rperez@dcccd.edu

Isabel Pina
Job Title: Enrollment Services Representative
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8877
Email: ipina@dcccd.edu

Becky Soto
Job Title: Enrollment Services Generalist
Department Name: Admissions
Phone: 214-860-8611
Email: rebeccasoto@dcccd.edu