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Sustainability Scholars

Who qualifies?

All students working toward an Associate in Arts Degree, Associate in Sciences Degree, or Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree can complete the coursework through core and general elective courses.

What is a Sustainability Scholar?

A student who completes coursework and participates in campus programs that emphasize MVC’s core sustainability values:

  • environmental resilience
  • social justice
  • economic responsibility

Why should I be a Sustainability Scholar?

To distinguish yourself from the crowd! Companies around the globe are focusing on sustainability issues to reduce their impacts on natural resources, and to increase employee involvement and retention while being profitable. Walmart, IKEA, Nike, Puma, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Electrolux, Interface, and Patagonia are just a few global companies that are weaving sustainability into every aspect of their workplace. Businesses of all sizes are at the forefront of sustainability issues such as: energy efficiency, clean air, water conservation, waste reduction, biodiversity, safe working conditions, reduction of toxic chemicals, public green space, sustainable building materials & maintenance, educational opportunities, community involvement and more.

How do I become a Sustainability Scholar?

There are four requirements:

  • Fifteen (15) hours of coursework, with a minimum of three (3) hours in each sustainability emphasis. (A passing grade of at least 70 is required to earn credit.)

  • Attendance & participation in the Student Climate & Conservation Congress (SC3) – ten (10) meetings per semester. (Minimum participation of two semesters.)

  • Fifteen (15) volunteer hours in the Living Labs, per semester. (Minimum participation of two semesters.)

  • A Sustainability Scholar Contract will be maintained to help students stay on track.


New Student? Start now!
Returning Student? Contact Lori De La Cruz to schedule a meeting. Bring your most recent transcript and schedule to see what you have already completed to qualify for the Sustainability Scholar designation.

What do I receive as a Sustainability Scholar?

A green cord of recognition will be bestowed upon you at graduation for your commitment to completing the specially-designated requirements. This accomplishment can be touted on your resumé, applications for scholarships, internships, and admissions to four-year institutions.

Contact for more information:
Lori De La Cruz, Sustainability Coordinator
Room W204

Earn a green cord of recognition upon completion of this exceptional academic & sustainability project.