Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Goals

Mission Statement

Mountain View College empowers people and transforms communities.

As a comprehensive community college, Mountain View College provides exemplary education through higher education programs, workforce development, educational support services, continuing education opportunities and community partnerships. We promote student success and professional development while practicing good stewardship.

Vision Statement

Mountain View College endeavors to empower people to improve their lives and communities through exemplary education.The College is committed to building a diverse and inclusive learning community that promotes student success, good stewardship, employee achievement and positive global impact.

Core Values

The Mountain View College family values…

  • Academic Excellence Transparency
  • Student Success Diversity
  • Integrity Community

Strategic Goals

Mountain View College will optimize academic excellence, human, physical and fiscal resources in the service of education.The following directions/goals will

  • Build intentional relations that promote college readiness and learning pathways with the objective of increasing the number of students achieving their educational and life goals

  • Transform the College to accommodate 21-century learners while adopting innovations that promote greater student success and involvement.

  • Develop robust partnerships to support district and higher education networks, college-wide communication and efforts that engage a diverse community of stakeholders.