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Student Achievement and Success Disclosures

In accordance with SACSCOC Federal Requirement 4.1 and the Institution’s Obligation for Public Disclosure Policy

Mountain View College has several strategic and operational planning goals as well as many data sets that align with assessing and measuring student achievement.  The larger more complete picture for our assessment of student achievement falls into three categories: (1) Overall college data, (2) Licensure Data, (3) Individual Program Data.

The College has a five year Strategic Plan goals that encompasses all areas of the College and can be found at 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. The plan includes a mission, vision, core values and five goals.  The first three goals, listed below assess student achievement through several measures:   

1.    Meet the Educational Needs of Southwest Dallas County
2.    Empower Students to Meet Academic Success Milestones
3.    Demonstrate Leadership in National and State Student Success Agendas

In addition to the five-year Strategic Planning goals and an assortment of other opportunities for Mountain View College to assess its institutional effectiveness for student achievement, please see additional assessment in the three board categories from above-(1) Overall college data, (2) Licensure Data, (3) Individual Program Data.

See below those data sets that measure student achievement and success.

Overall College Data

1. Graduation Rate

2. Transfers:

3. Overall Success and Retention Rates

4. Graduation Status After Graduation

Licensure Data

     MVC Nursing Licensure Data

Program Data