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“The Pen Is Our Power”  

• A definition of the MVC “Quality Enhancement Plan”:

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for Mountain View College is designed to improve student learning.  

• Why we are creating a “Quality Enhancement Plan”:

Every college and university is required to prepare a QEP for re-accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges, Universities, and Schools (SACS). The plan must:

A) Be approved by representatives of SACS

B) Implemented and institutionalized by the college as an on-going project to help student learning

• What is the focus of the MVC “Quality Enhancement Plan”?:

The focus of the MVC QEP is to improve student writing.

• How we selected writing as the focus:

A campus-wide committee was created to develop the college’s “Quality Enhancement Plan.” This committee included faculty, administrators, and students from every sector of the college community.  

The college’s QEP committee conducted surveys, reviewed student data, and held focus group and forums. From these sources, 16 topics were identified. These topics were then reviewed and reduced to only five. A subsequent survey resulted in the remaining top two topics- writing and critical thinking. From these two, the committee settled on writing, since academic writing encompasses critical thinking skills and reflects those skills in effective compositions.

• How we plan to improve student writing:

The MVC QEP plan will improve student writing by addressing the following three goals:

Goal 1: Developing students’ skills in mastering writing principles

Goal 2: Increasing writing within the disciplines

Goal 3: Nurturing a culture of writing

• What are we going to do that is different from what we are already doing:

We are creating “QEP Courses (WICS/WECS)” in selected classes in the pre-Tier, Tier1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 courses in the Dallas County Community College District’s Core Curriculum, leading to Associates Degrees in Arts, Associates Degrees in Science, and Associates Degrees in Art in Teaching.

• Our benchmarks:

From 2012- when we will implement a pilot of ten sections- until 2017, we will continue to create additional writing intensive courses, supported by professional development opportunities and institutional funding. Our student learning outcomes will generate measurable data that will demonstrate writing improvement.

• Our Student Learning Outcomes:

We have 14 QEP Student Learning Outcomes: five for Goal 1, three for Goal 2, and six for Goal 3

Goal 1: To develop students’ skills in mastering writing principles

By 2017, sixty percent of MVC students completing writing intensive courses will meet expectations in:

1.1 Engaging the phases of the writing process

1.2 Developing written compositions

1.3 Employing principles of usage in written compositions

1.4 Using information resources

1.5 Applying the elements of critical thinking in their written compositions

Goal 2: To increase writing within the disciplines

2.1 By 2017, the CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement) will reflect a 1 point mean increase in the number of MVC students who submit written papers in courses.
2.2 By 2017, 70% of instructors will report that 50% of their course grades will be based on assign­ments with written components. 
2.3 By 2017, 50 sections will be qualified as writing-enhanced or writing-intensive courses sections (WICS/WECS).

Goal 3: To nurture a culture of writing

3.1 By 2017, 80% of graduating students will report that they have the ability to produce clear, correct, and coherent prose adapted to purpose, occasion, and audience.
3.2 By 2017, as a result of participating in one or more QEP writing-related professional develop­ment activities, ____ percent of MVC employees will report that they are more conscientious about their writing. (*)
3.3 By 2017 70% percent of MVC employees will report that they find helpful QEP-related profes­sional development activities. (*)

• How we will measure student writing improvement:

We will use a common writing rubric for assessing student writing samples. Teachers in the writing-enhanced or writing-intensive course sections (WICS/WECS) may assign different grade values to the elements as appropriate to their disciplines. The rubric has been developed and approved by the college’s Core Curriculum Committee for use throughout all college courses requiring writing.

To learn more about Mountain View College's QEP Plan please visit the official QEP website at: