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WICS/WECS Criteria

  1. Upon completion of the QEP Writing Certification Professional Development Plan, instructors will include the QEP writing SLOs in their course syllabus and identify one writing assignment per section for QEP assessment using the MVC Writing Rubric. 
  2. Formal and informal writing opportunities will be used throughout the semester to aid students in learning the content of the course. Students will be taught to write in various forms and for multiple purposes typical of the discipline. 
  3. Students will receive improvement focused feedback on at least one assignment from peers, instructors, or the Academic Center for Writing based on the criteria of the MVC Writing Rubric. 
  4. Instructors will require at least 10 to 20 pages throughout the semester and emphasize the writing process, which requires student revision and resubmission of at least one graded writing assignment. 
  5. Because writing assignments will account for at least 30% of the final course grade, enrollment in WICS Course Sections will be reduced to 75% of normal capacity.