QEP for Employees

Quality Enhancement Plan

Each college and university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges must develop and institutionalize a program to address student learning in a way that is not being fully met through its past and/or current approaches. This initiative is called a "Quality Enhancement Plan."

Each "Quality Enhancement Plan" (QEP) must be data-driven and faculty/staff implemented over a period of ten years. Approved in 2012 and monitored by the SACSCOC, the Mountain View College QEP focuses on improving student writing. As students learn to write better, they become more confident learners and sharper, more insightful critical thinkers. As good writers, they're more likely to make better grades, finish their courses, and find themselves well on a path to completing their degrees or certificate programs, all of which are so important to help them to achieve their dreams.

Data provided by the Texas Workforce Commission also supports our emphasis on writing. According to many North Texas employers, the single most important "soft skill" required for securing and advancing in a good job is successful communication. Each year, as the "write to work" college in the Dallas County Community College District, Mountain View College is committed to providing our First-Time-In-College (FTIC) students with a quality education—with a focus on writing—that will get them hired upon graduation. The MVC QEP, therefore, is aligned with the DCCCD's "You're Hired!" initiative and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's "60X30TX" strategy.

The QEP Mission

The mission of the QEP is to increase the persistence rate from fall to fall of degree-seeking First-Time-In-College (FTIP) students.

Vision Statement

The MVC QEP will produce a community of life-long learners who actively and confidently use appropriate forms of writing to empower effective and ethical communication.

Focus statement

The purpose of the QEP is to improve the writing of students enrolled in courses leading to the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Science, and the Associate of Arts in Teaching degrees.

The QEP Goals

To serve this FTIC student cohort each year, the QEP Committee has adopted three goals:

Goal 1: To improve student mastery of the principles of good writing

Goal 2: To increase the amount of student writing

Goal 3: To nurture a culture of writing throughout the MVC community

Features of the Quality Enhancement Plan: "The Pen is Our Power"

To meet Goal 1, the QEP committee has

  • defined standards for successful writing, reflected in a common, course-level writing rubric

  • created an assessment system for evaluating improvement in student writing

  • opened "The Ink Spot," the college's Academic Center for Writing, staffed by highly qualified writing specialists who work with students to improve their writing

To meet Goal 2, the MVC QEP Committee has

  • funded the development of QEP (Writing-Intensive and Writing-Enhanced) courses that emphasize writing in the disciplines

  • provided teaching faculty with professional development opportunities for training in teaching and assessing writing

  • facilitated a professional development program for certifying QEP instructors

To meet Goal 3, the MVC QEP Committee has

  • developed professional development workshops on aspects of the writing process, writing across the curriculum, and improving writing on the job

  • orchestrated the annual "Culture of Writing Festival" for students

  • created a student writing club—"The Kevin Williams Writing Lounge"—that publishes the school newspaper and literary journal

  • developed, in cooperation with the North Texas Community College Consortium, the annual "Write to Work" Conference for college personnel

  • created liaisons with area businesses, industries, and educational entities

Assessment of our Goals

To determine the effectiveness of our QEP services, the QEP Committee, in cooperation with the college's Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness, conducts surveys of our students engaged in QEP activities and evaluates annually a random sample of student essays. Data from these queries and evaluations provide the critical information we need constantly to make adjustments in our programming.

Professional Development

The QEP Committee has created a range of professional development resources available to both the QEP faculty and staff of the MVC community as a whole. Staff in the Academic Center for Writing offer workshops on various topics related to the "writing process." The Library staff maintains the QEP LibGuide that each month identifies various essays, books, and articles that address student success, retention, and persistence. Faculty are encouraged to attend conferences, make presentations, and publish articles on their involvement in QEP activities.

About the Employee QEP Website

In this website, you will find information related to the QEP project, "The Pen is Our Power."

  • An employee FAQ with basic QEP information

  • A calendar is updated monthly, identifying dates for QEP-related activities

  • Links for the teaching faculty to information related both for instruction as well as ongoing professional development

  • A link to the "Culture of Writing" Festival and annual "Culture of Writing" activities

  • Links to copies of the QEP Newsletter and monthly QEP Updates

  • A link to an application for developing new QEP courses

  • A link to the website for the Academic Center for Writing

  • A link to the MVC Library LibGuide

  • A link to a form for reporting QEP professional development required for re-certification every two years and for sharing information with colleagues

  • Links to videos addressing writing and the work of the QEP

For more information

Contact Luke Story, our "QEP Champion" and Director of the Academic Center for Writing, or stop by the Writing Center in W114.

​​​​​​​​Contact Information

Email: mvcqep@dcccd.edu
QEP Workroom: W200

QEP Committee Co-Chairs

Name: Dr. Lori Doddy

Name: Dr. Geoff Grimes
Email: ggrimes1@dcccd.edu

QEP Champion

Name: Luke Story
Email: lstory@dcccd.edu
Phone: 214-860-8748