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Society for Linguistics

Society for Linguistics | The Linguistics Lab Online Home Page

Enthusiasts and scholars who investigate language production and comprehension of native and non-native speakers of a language comprise the Society for Linguistics at MVC. In addition, research may focus on specific languages and linguistic phenomena. With modern software and applications available, the Society for Linguistics uses an online lab to reach participants remotely with Web DMDX, an application for stimulus presentation and data recording developed by Forster at the University of Arizona. Furthermore, the Society for Linguistics benefits Mountain View College’s QEP. The Society for Linguistics conducts experiments online to study how people process language in reading and writing tasks. These experiments provide evidence about people’s linguistic comprehension and performance and offer educators understanding how to enhance writing instruction in classes.

Having an online linguistics lab allows several experiments possible to be conducted:

  • lexical decision tasks
  • matching of associations of words and/or pictures
  • naming of words and/or pictures
  • semantic categorization tasks
  • moving-window tasks for self-paced reading
  • maze task for self-paced reading
  • grammaticality judgment tasks
  • sentence matching
  • elicited production

If you would like to enter the Linguistics Lab Online, click HERE. 

Contact: Jason Schneider
(214) 469-8578