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What is a QEP-Enhanced Course Section?

  • QEP-Enhanced Course Sections are courses that contain an increased focus on writing. Students will participate in discipline-specific writing assignments and have increased access to writing resources, such as specialized software and tutoring.   

Which courses will be QEP-Enhanced Course Sections? Is it only English courses?     

  • QEP-Enhanced Course Sections will be available in all disciplines and all levels. History, Science, Business, Trades, Nursing. Math, core courses, electives – whatever subject you are taking, there will probably be a QEP-Enhanced Course Section available. The faculty who teach these courses will be specially trained and certified to add the QEP-Enhanced Course Section component.    

Will QEP-Enhanced Course Sections have any prerequisites?     

  • The only prerequisites are the ones that apply to the course in general; no additional prerequisites are added to the course just because it is a QEP-Enhanced Course Section.    

Will a QEP-Enhanced Course Section be harder than the current courses?  

  • Not necessarily. Faculty in these courses will be reinforcing instruction learned in previous Developmental Writing and/or English Composition. Students enrolled in QEP-Enhanced Course Sections will be familiar with the grading standards (see link to college writing rubric), the writing process and the writing resources provided by the college. In many ways, this familiarity may create a much more valuable learning experience.  

Why would I want to take a QEP-Enhanced Course Section?  

  • It is good for you. Studies have shown that students that can express themselves through written communication often have higher grades, can engage in a deeper level of learning and often perform better in their future career fields. In addition, many local universities have emphasized the need for incoming transfer students to be good writers.

Is QEP-Enhanced Course Section part of the Honors Scholars program?   

  • Yes. Students are eligible to receive honors credits. Students enrolled in QEP Enhanced Course Sections should ask their instructors how they can receive honors credit in the course.  

How will I know if a course is a QEP-Enhanced Course Section?   

  • The course section will have a blurb within the eConnect schedule stating that it is a QEP-Enhanced Course Section. 

Am I required to take a QEP-Enhanced Course Section?   

  • No. Participation in QEP-Enhanced Course Section is strictly optional; there is no penalty for not taking a QEP-Enhanced Course Section. However, advisors will strongly encourage students to take at least three QEP-Enhanced Course Sections within their study plan due to the learning-based benefits that they provide and the fact that four-year colleges often give preference to students who write well. 

Is there a limit to the number of QEP-Enhanced Course Sections I can take?   

  • No, you are encouraged to take as many as you want to.