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QEP for Students

Quality Enhancement Plan

The QEP Mission

The mission of the QEP is to increase the persistence rate from fall to fall of degree-seeking First-Time-In-College (FTIP) students.

The Mountain View College Quality Enhancement Plan: "The Pen is Our Power"

According to many North Texas employers, the single most important "soft skill" required for securing and advancing in a good job is successful communication. As the "write to work" college in the Dallas County Community College District, Mountain View College is committed to providing you with a quality education—with a focus on writing—that will get you hired upon graduation.

The college's Quality Enhancement Plan is an academic support project that is dedicated to making you—a "first-time-in-college student"—a successful student by becoming a stronger writer. As such, you will become a more confident learner and a sharper, more insightful critical thinker. As a good writer, you'll find yourself making better grades, finishing your courses, and well on the path to completing your degree or certificate program that's so important to help you to achieve your dreams.

Features of the Quality Enhancement Plan: "The Pen is Our Power"

QEP-Enhanced Courses

One of our goals is to increase the amount of writing you are assigned, not just in "writing courses" like English, but in all subjects. Currently, many of our instructors not only offer additional writing opportunities but also provide special help with major writing assignments in their classes. We call these sections "QEP-enhanced" classes.

You're going to do better in "QEP-enhanced" classes. Why? Because they're easier, and you'll learn more! They're easier because you'll get more help. "QEP-enhanced" classes have 25% fewer students so that your instructors can give you more individual, "hands-on" help with the development of your papers, and most teachers provide opportunities for revisions.

You'll learn more because "good writing" has to be "informed writing," not just the first ideas that come to mind. You'll have reasonable due dates that allow you to consult with MVC librarians who are dedicated to helping you find reliable information about your topics. The library also hosts several research labs throughout the semester which are forty-five-minute sessions in which you can work on your research assignment with a librarian in the classroom ready to answer all your research questions.

Add to that all the help you can receive with your papers from our highly qualified specialists in the Academic Center for Writing, and you have all the advantages as a learner that a college can offer. And for all this, the tuition for a "QEP-enhanced" course is the still the same as that of a regular class—$59 per credit hour.

Ask your academic advisor for assistance in enrolling you in "QEP-enhanced" classes.

Help in "The Ink Spot"

In addition to offering student workshops, print materials, and video supplements that can help you focus on specific problems in your papers, writing specialists at "The Ink Spot"—the college's Academic Center for Writing—help thousands of MVC students each year with their written assignments. Our data shows that both on-campus and online students in the past who have sought help with their compositions have been 20% more successful in their courses than those students who did not.

For more information about the services of the Academic Center for Writing (ACW), drop by W114 and ask a staff member or schedule an appointment for a workshop, use of a computer, or help on a writing assignment.

The MVC Culture of Writing

If you like to write, we have many opportunities for you.  On our QEP website, you'll find links to local, regional, and national writing competitions, many of which offer cash prizes and scholarships. And there's more! Each spring, we host the annual MVC "Culture of Writing Festival." During the sessions, students have a chance to meet area creative and professional writers, to share and get feedback on their own writing, and to participate in the annual "read-in."

For information about the MVC "Culture of Writing Festival," contact English Professor Darius Frasure.


The Kevin Williams Writing Lounge

If you've always wanted to be published, now you can! The "Kevin Williams Writing Lounge"—the student writing club—publishes The Lion's Pride, the student newspaper, and The Lion's Roar, the annual literary journal. You'll learn how to write for publication and many of the "in's and out's" of both journalism and creative writing. The club is always looking for new talent and volunteers, and both publications invite essays, articles, and creative works submitted in both English and other languages.

For more information about the writing club or student publications, contact Professor Luke Story, the club sponsor and Director of the Academic Center for Writing, or ask any of the staff in W114.


MVC's got your back!

The administrators, support staff, and instructors at Mountain View College are committed to helping you succeed as a student. We all agree on the importance of writing to help make that happen. In fact, all of us recognize the importance of effective writing, especially in our own jobs. We're all familiar with the QEP, so if you have questions, just ask.

Most importantly, at Mountain View College, we are constantly nurturing a culture of writing through our own professional development and by helping you to become a more successful communicator. If you want help with a writing assignment, ask any faculty or staff member for assistance. Either he or she will help you or direct you to a resource that can.

Contact Information

QEP Culture of Writing Sub-Committee Chair
Name: Darius Ajai Frasure, MFA, MA
Email: frasured@dcccd.edu
Phone: 214-860-8857

QEP Champion
Name: Luke Story
Email: lstory@dcccd.edu
Phone: 214-860-8748

The Lion's Pride
Email: thelionspride@dcccd.edu

The Lion's Roar
Email: thelionsroar@dcccd.edu

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