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The Lion’s Roar Submission Guidelines

The Lion’s Roar will be published once a year, with copies available in the library, at the Writing Center, and by request from the faculty coordinators of The Lion’s Roar, Darius A. Frasure,, and Luke Story,

General Eligibility: Entrant must be a fall 2014 or spring 2015 student enrolled for credit in Mountain View College. Academic enrollment must be verified by the local coordinators, Darius A. Frasure,, 214-860-8857, and Luke Story,, 214-860-8748. Entries must be original works written during the student's enrollment in credit courses at Mountain View College. Each entry must have the signature of a sponsoring faculty member, which student may choose. 



The author of the submission must be a Mountain View College student, faculty member, administrator, staff member or alumni.

  1. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but the author must notify the The Lion’s Roar if it is accepted to be published elsewhere.

  2. The author’s submission should not infringe upon anyone’s copyright nor violate any proprietary rights. Any ideas, techniques, quotations, or any other material from the work of other people included in the work, published or otherwise, must be fully acknowledged in accordance with the standard referencing practices.  

Submission Guidelines for Entries:

Entries may be submitted in TWO forms:

PRINTED: Typed hard copy, double-spaced on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper with your name/contact information and taken to the local Entrant Coordinator, Darius A. Frasure in Room W261. If selected for publication, a digital copy is required.

DIGITAL: Each entry must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.docx or .doc) - emailed to

     1. Enrollment Verification:

         a. Printout of fall 2014 and/or spring 2015 class schedule


     2. Each entry form or cover page must include:

         a. Author’s name

         b. Home address and phone number

         c. Institution: Mountain View College

         d. Author's ID and school acronym and genre, for example:

             i. 0123456 MVC-poetry, or

             ii. 0123456 MVC- essay, or

             iii. 0123456 MVC-Drama, or

             iv. 0123456 MVC-fiction

         e. Title of entry


     3. The upper right corner of each page of the entry must include these three (3) items:
         a. Title of Entry.

         b. Author's ID and school acronym and genre, for example:

             i. 0123456 MVC-poem, or

             ii. 0123456 MVC-essay, or

             iii. 0123456 MVC-play, or

             iv. 0123456 MVC-fiction

         c. Page number.

     *Please note: The author's full name must not appear on any page of the entry itself.


     4. The MVC WRITING Student Work Release 

         a. This must be completed, signed (student and faculty sponsor), and enclosed with each entry.

         b. You may scan and email this document, or take it and the other documents to Prof. Darius Frasure, in Room W261.



  • Academic essays and articles: 5,000 words max for general submissions; 2,500 words max for competitions

  • Creative Non-Fiction (e.g. Narrative Essays, Memoirs): 5,000 words max for general submissions; 3,500 words max for competitions

  • Drama (One-Act Play or Screenplay): 5,000 words max for general submissions; 3,500 words max for competitions (including stage directions and production notes.)

  • Fiction (Short Stories):  5,000 words max for general submissions; 3,500 words max for competitions

  • Performance Art projects, articles, reviews, critiques: Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Visual Arts, 4,000 words max, accompanying still images or graphics, and electronic links to video available. (For website only)

  • Poetry: 3-5 poems may be submitted together; 67 lines max for competitions.

  • Translation: 5,000 words max, can be an actual translation and/or a scholarly essay on translation. Please obtain all necessary permissions prior to submitting your piece.

  • Visual Art: at least 3 distinct images, including drawing, digital, other 2-dimensional formats, and photography. Please submit your files in JPEG format. (For website only) 

*If you need disability accommodations in order to participate in this event, please contact the Disability Services Office,; 214 860-8677, at least one week in advance.