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Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the United States Servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives while serving this great county.  

Do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's day? The purpose of Veteran's Day is to honor all veterans living or deceased while the sole purpose of Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who died in the line of duty

One of our adjunct professors, Joseph Collier, shared this Memorial Day reflection:  

"As a young boy, one of my brothers was killed during the Vietnam War. I was only 7 at the time of his death. Close to 6 months after his death, my father took me to the cemetery where he was buried. Along the way, he and I stopped at a store to purchase some flowers, and I remember seeing a tiny American Flag. As I began to tell the shopkeeper that I wanted to buy the flag for my brother's grave, he started becoming very emotional. By this time, I had turned 8 years old, and I did not understand the complete meaning as all I wanted to do was buy the flag. The old shopkeeper asked me some more questions about my brother, and he told me how proud he was to hear such nice things from a young boy. When my dad went to pay for the flowers, the shopkeeper smiled and said: "This purchase is on me, take care and God bless." A few years later I learned that the shopkeeper was a veteran as well; and because of my wanting to buy an American flag for my brother's grave, this really restored his faith in mankind. Remember; do not wish us living veterans a Happy Memorial Day because we are still living. Please save those compliments for Veteran's Day."

Even if you are not a veteran, please take time out of your day to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom with their lives. 


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