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Discussion Questions

Into the Beautiful North

Drafted by Rosa Rosales

  1. In the novel, Nayeli and her friends go north–but not to join the ranks of immigrants looking for a better life. What is their mission?
  2. How does the author portray intergenerational relationships among the characters? How do different generations interact in the novel and what do they offer or teach each other?
  3. Urrea often takes a comic approach to tragedy. Does this approach enhance or diminish the emotional impact of events in the novel?
  4. Urrea underlines the novel’s connection to other classic quest narratives by paying homage to the classic film The Magnificent Seven. The author creates his own interpretation of the quest narrative, subverting traditional themes and roles. How does he create a fresh approach to the classic hero’s tale?
  5. Did any scene, character, or event in the novel surprise you or change your attitude toward U.S.–Mexico border relations?

For more thought-provoking questions about this novel, visit our libguides site in the library at http://mountainviewcollege.beta.libguides.com/intothebeautifulnorth.