Erasing Barriers for Our Students

FamilyOur students need help paying for childcare. 

Striking a balance between school, work and family is an arduous and ongoing task for most of our community college students at Mountain View College.

Finding affordable childcare is a challenge for our students who are parents.

Studies have shown that individuals who have earned a higher education degree have increased earning potentials, thereby affording them expanded opportunities to improve their children’s chances of future success.

The U.S. Census Bureau found that a parent’s educational attainment is a significant predictor of the parent’s educational expectations for his or her children, which can greatly impact a child’s educational attainment.


A childcare subsidy for low-income students would greatly help ensure the childcare barrier is broken, and our students are more likely to earn their degrees or certificates at Mountain View College.

MVC's Proposed Childcare Subsidy Program

How the Program Would Work

Get Involved

  • Donate — make a monetary donation to the DCCCD Foundation in support of our childcare initiative.

  • Spread the word —  tell others about Mountain View College is erasing barriers for our students and encourage them to donate.