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Financial aid disbursement schedule
Financial aid disbursement schedule
How and when will I receive my financial aid money?

Note: All disbursements/refunds to credit students from DCCCD are made electronically through the DCCCD Money Card program. To avoid delays in receiving your money, go to eConnect (login required) and verify your contact information. As soon as you receive your card, use it to set  up your preference for how you would like to receive the disbursement/refund money owed to you by DCCCD.

Disbursements can be processed only after your award has been approved by the Financial Aid Office and transmitted to your accounts receivable account. You can check your account summary on eConnect (login required).

Disbursement processing times:

  • Easy Refund to the OneAccount - same day DCCCD releases funds to Higher One
  • Direct electronic deposit - allow 2-3 business days
  • Check - allow at least 5-7 business days

Remainder fund processing schedule:

  • 2011 Spring
    • Initial refund (up to $700) disbursement — Jan. 12-Feb. 1, 2011
    • Remainder refund disbursement — begins Feb. 3, 2011
  • 2011 Summer I
    • Initial refund (up to $700) disbursement — June 1-9, 2011
    • Remainder refund disbursement — begins June 14, 2011

Where disbursements are sent:

  • Higher One account and direct deposit disbursements will be electronically deposited to the preference you set up with your DCCCD Money Card.
  • Check disbursements (both initial remainder and subsequent remainder) will be mailed to the address on file for you in the Higher One system. Higher One will forward undeliverable checks to your college after 180 days.

Lost checks

How to select your preferred disbursement method (i.e., OneAccount, direct deposit or check):

  • You can set up your preferred disbursement/refund option as soon as you receive your DCCCD Money Card.

How to apply for a DCCCD Money Card:

  • All credit students will receive a DCCCD Money Card in the mail. To ensure that you receive your card, you are required to verify your address and contact information on eConnect (login required). As soon as you receive your card, use it to set up your preference for how you would like to receive the disbursement/refund money owed to you by DCCCD.
  • For more information about the card, please go to http://www.dcccdmoneycard.com.