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Can’t Register Online? Find Out Why
Can’t Register Online? Find Out Why
You may not be able to register online for a number of reasons. Here are the most common:  
1. You have not taken the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) placement test.
New students must take an approved TSI placement test to assess their basic skills in reading, math and writing. 
2. You have academic or financial blocks on your student record.
New and continuing students must be in good standing and have no academic or financial blocks on their student record. If you are unsure if you meet online registration eligibility, meet with an advisor.
3. You have fewer than 12 hours of college-level credit, and you have not taken the Learning Framework (EDUC 1300) class.
If you are not sure if you need the Learning Framework class, visit an advisor. If you know you need to take the Learning Framework class and want to register online using eConnect, you may do so, as long as the Learning Framework class is included on your list of desired classes. 
4. You owe DCCCD money.
You need to visit your college’s Business Office and pay the balance before you can register online.
5. You have not met the prerequisite for each class.
You may register online for those classes where the prerequisite has been met. If you are unsure about prerequisites, meet with an advisor, who will explain what you need to meet this requirement.
6. You have a student ID number, but you haven’t completed the credit admissions process.
If you have taken a continuing education class at a DCCCD college — even a class your parents signed you up for when you were a child — you have a DCCCD student ID number. However, you cannot register for credit classes until you complete the credit student application for admission and are accepted.
Also, keep in mind that if it has been more than 12 months since you attended a DCCCD institution, then you will need to submit a new credit application.
When in doubt, meet with an advisor!