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Associate Degrees & Certificates Awarded
This site contains a comprehensive set of reports portraying associate degrees and certificates awarded by Mountain View College from the very first academic year 1970-1971 up thru the most recent available.
Report Descriptions: (All Links are to PDF files)
Academic Year Specific "Graduate Profiles" Each "Profile" contains a one page graphical portrayal of an academic year's award recipients' demographics including brief narrative highlights.
       2003-2004      2006-2007      2009-2010      2012-2013
       2004-2005      2007-2008      2010-2011
       2005-2006      2008-2009      2011-2012
Degrees and Certs Awarded Trend Compare: a multi-year report beginning with charts depicting academic year trends of associate degrees and certificates awarded by type, followed by a table portraying a side-by-side comparison of specific awards conferred.
Years to Graduation-Completion:  a multi-year report summarizing the number of years MVC associate degree graduates and certificate completers are enrolled to complete their awards.

Graduates Completing 50% or more Credit-Hours Online
      2010-2011 and 2011-2012

Graduate Demographic Summary Trends: 
 a multi-year report depicting gender, ethnicity, average age, and average GPA for total awards and award categories in ten year increments.
      1970-71 thru 1979-80        2000-01 thru 2009-10
      1980-81 thru 1989-90        2010-11 thru 2011-12
      1990-91 thru 1999-00   
"Degrees and Certs Awarded by Year Detail" Each "Detail" report contains a ten year detail listing of specific AA, AS, AAS, and Certificates awarded each academic year.     
       1980-81 thru 1989-90       2010-11 thru 2011-12 
       1990-91 thru 1999-00
Cohort Graduation Reports: