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MVC Transfer Students' Performance at Texas Public Universities


MVC Transfer Students' Performance at Texas Public Universities - Fall first-time transfer students from MVC are included in this report.  This report reflects the academic performance (GPA) of Mountain View College students in the first year after they transferred to a Texas public 4-year institution, and their persistence into the second year of study (did they return the following Fall semester).  For Comparison: other DCCCD Colleges and all other community colleges first year transfer students' performance at the same universites are provided. 
Summary Trends:
MVC Transfer Students with Developmental Education Trends:
CB Detail Reports:
       Fall 2004      Fall 2007      Fall 2010
       Fall 2005      Fall 2008
       Fall 2006      Fall 2009
The source of these data is the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's online interactive report "Academic Performance of 2-Year College Transfer Students at Texas Public Universities" .   All Texas public Community College transfer data are available in this interactive online report. The detail includes comparative academic performance data for the selected community college's transfer students at each Texas public university that they attend.  Additionally, all Texas public Universities have reports in the same format showing all first-time transfer students by Community College attended.