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MVC 2003 SACS Self-Study Report and Subsequent Reaffirmation Documents
January 2003 "Mountain View College SACS Self-Study Report"  (521 pages) Prepared by MVC during 2002 for the SACS visting team as part of the reaffirmation of accreditation process.
April 24, 2003 Cover Letter from SACS accompanying the "Report of the Reaffirmation Committee"
April 24, 2003 "SACS Report of the Reaffirmation Committee" (85 pages) The preliminary assessment of MVC based upon the facts and circumstances presented in the MVC Self-Study Report and from the February 10-13, 2003 review of the visiting committee.  This includes a summary of their 28 recommendations and five suggestions.
August 25, 2003 "MVC Response to the Report of the Reaffirmation Committee" (67 pages) addressing all 28 committee recommendations
January 16, 2004 Reaffirmation of Accreditation Letter from SACS based on action of the Commission on Colleges at the December 2003 Annual Meeting.  The Commission reaffirmed MVC's accreditation and requested a follow-up report addressing eight of the visiting committee's recommendations.
June 29, 2004 "MVC Monitoring Report to the Committee on Compliance and Reports SACS COC" (34 pages + 126 pages of supporting documention) Prepared by MVC during 2004 in response to the Commission's January 16, 2004 request for a follow-up report.
January 6, 2005 Letter from SACS Accepting MVC's First Monitoring Report following reaffirmation. No additional report was requested.