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Student Leadership Institute
Student Leadership Institute
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Student Leadership Institute

SLI is NOT a student club, it is a leadership development program that provides leadership education opportunities to the student body and exposes them to different leadership issues. The Student Leadership Institute develops personal awareness of leadership issues, which can be utilized in all aspects of one’s life. It teaches leadership skills, styles, and application with a unique approach.  Student Learning Outcome: Students who complete SLI will be able to apply, display and demonstrate quality and traits of student leaders including Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Self Confidence.

Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of Leadership Concepts Specific to relationships with others
  • Apply leadership concepts to professional, personal, and community setting and outcome
  • Facilitate Cooperative and Healthy Relationships in a Group Setting
  • Demonstrate a better understanding of self and others
  • Exhibit effective communication skills
The Student Leadership Institute is designed to teach our students to become prominent, well prepared, effective leaders in the community. The Institute offers four leadership tracks which educate students on leadership skills, styles, and application. Students may also elect to take workshops without completing a certificate track.


Student Leadership Institute Workshop Descriptions